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The Unique Appeal Of Crème Brûlée: sophisticated coffee

Because we specialize in very sophisticated coffee roasts with their own intense and complex flavors, it's good to talk about some of these tastes in detail, to help you see what's available through our unique distribution site. If you’re interested, browse and see the great collection of coffees that we send out to customers.

To that end, in highlighting some of our best tastes that we are excited about, let's talk about one of the most prominent gourmet international desserts around.

You probably know it as crème brûlée. But in the area of Europe where it originated, it also goes by different names. The Brits know it as Cambridge burnt cream. (People in some regions refer to a similar yet different dish as “crème Anglaise.”) In the northeastern Spanish region of Catalunya, locals call the desert “crema catalana” as if contending that they alone invented it. Go to Perpignan or thereabouts and ask for one of these dishes.

So what is this tasty treat? Essentially, it's custard with the top burned. Chefs typically use a blowtorch or some other resource to brown the top of the custard and caramelize the sugar. That leads to the unique texture and taste of crème brûlée to delight dining audiences everywhere.

Cranberry Crème Brûlée Coffee

What? Crème brûlée coffee? Yes, it’s exciting! Our cranberry crème brûlée roast takes South American arabica beans and subjects them to a process that leaves the resulting blend with a sort of fruity finish and a smooth, creamy texture that represents the union of cranberry, a tart little berry that's not very sweet on its own, and that crème brûlée custard that is a sweet eggy delicacy.

You really have to taste it to describe it further, but you can find this on our website along with other specialty blends that our customers have come to rely on for a great cup of morning brew.

Specialty Coffees

In addition to the above, we also have other kinds of high-end coffee roosts. For instance, on another blog post we talked about peaberry blends, which are essentially blends where harvesters handpick certain kinds of specially grown beans with a genetic mutation. That resulting labor and sorting is what gives the peaberry coffees their unique aroma and flavor, and also adds to the value of these types of blends.

Browse the site and get high-quality coffee at the best available prices through our modern e-commerce portal. We are ready to ship you something your taste buds won’t believe!