Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma

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Mugsys Suggested Roast - Medium 

Elevation: 1220 to 1524 meters
Varietals: Arusha,Bourbon
Milling Process: Fully Washed
Drying Process: Patio sun dried and Mechanical
Harvest Start Month: June
Harvest End Month: October

Ruvuma is named after the Ruvuma River which flows along the southern border with Mozambique. For some time, Ruvuma has produced high quality coffee, but the combined inaccessibility of the region, poor infrastructure, and uncertain political situation have prevented this coffee from consistently reaching the international market. These unfortunate circumstances seem to be changing to some extent, and the farmers in the area as well as the coffee consumers are both benefiting. New and refurbished washing stations have been able to pay the farmer the same price he would receive if he had processed the coffee at home. In return they have been able to take better care in tending and harvesting the coffee.

Notes: Black Tea, Lime, Peach

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Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma
Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma