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Tanzania Peaberry: A Boutique Coffee With Real Appeal

What does it mean to acquire the best coffee varieties and sell only superior coffee products?

If you're just used to the regular old arabica or robusta coffee beans, you might not know that other high-profile types of coffee are out there, types of coffee that pros consider “premium,” and aficionados prize above all others.

But we do. Our catalog showcases some of the hottest new tastes and varieties that are causing a stir in the coffee community – no pun intended!

History of Tanzanian Coffee

Legend has it that coffee came to Tanzania from neighboring Ethiopia a few centuries ago. Tanzanian coffee is also associated with a Bantu group called the Haya tribe in a region west of Lake Victoria. Some say that the volcanic soil of the area was a good growing condition for various types of coffee products that eventually made it to global market, alongside other major exports of Tanzania such as bananas.

The Tastes

Tanzanian peaberry coffees have been known to produce tastes that are described as bright, acidic and “clean in the cup” – tastes that have a straightforward flavor profile and some amount of clarity to the palate. True tasters have the vocabulary to describe these tastes in detail, as they do in some of the best literature around these varieties that you can find if you are into really doing a deep dive into flavor.


Let's get to one of the more interesting aspects of why Tanzanian peaberry coffee is so popular.

Peaberry coffee is a term for a type of coffee product that is made by separating specific kinds of coffee cherry seeds at harvest.

Experts note that these “peaberries” only account for 5% to 10% of the total harvest. What are they? In this type of seed that has a particular defect, only one of two available ovules is able to pollinate. Because this single seed doesn't have to share nutrients, some believe it increases its density and taste power.

Unfortunately for producers, offering peaberry coffee means that these rare seeds have to be picked from the harvest by hand, barring any new modern AI harvesting technology.

That's part of what leads to the higher price for these coffees, and also part of what makes them known for a superior flavor profile.

Check out these and more at our site for your best cup of coffee every day! Ask us about any new additions or good deals on a better cup of java as we maintain a shop with a well-deserved reputation for quality.