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Ethiopia Gera Wet Process

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Mugsys Suggested Roast - Light or Medium

This is the Ethiopia Gera brought to you by Mugsys Coffee Roasters. This farm is owned by Tracon who provides education, housing, water, electricity, health care, and recreational facilities to all of its workers. This fully washed coffee was grown in the Gera Woreda, Jimma region of Ethiopia. at an altitude of 1,880 - 2,180 meters and consisted of Ethiopian heirloom varieties. This coffee is juicy with a mix of chocolate and fruity flavors.


New Favorite
Posted Mar 20th 2020 by The Robinsons

We are Highland Grogg lovers but decided to expand to new flavors with our most recent order. We were delighted with the aroma and taste of this light roast. It is a new favorite in this household. We totally recommend it.

Posted Mar 16th 2018 by Perry

Great coffee with a sweet aroma

Great taste
Posted Sep 22nd 2017 by darryl taylor

Smooth cup of coffee with a good taste we enjoy not only in the morning but throughout the day as well. The taste isn't overpowering, like a dark roast, but in a strange sort of way...."delicate". All the Ethiopian coffees (Yirgacheffe, Harrar, Gera) purchased a Mugsy's are worth buying. Mugsy's attention to detail and customer service make getting coffee there a pleasure.

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Ethiopia Gera Wet Process
Ethiopia Gera Wet Process