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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Mugsys Suggested Roast - Light or Medium

The cream of the crop is Ethiopian Yirgacheffee which is virtually unknown by most people, yet still considered by many to be the finest Ethiopian coffee. This intense feeling coffee enhances the palate with its very distinctive floral bouquet, rich body, a pleasingly fragrant aroma, with a smooth mellowness that's unique unto itself.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a light to medium body (although they can be full body as well). As is typical with other coffees from this region, it has a distinctively fruity flavor profile and a bright, floral aroma thanks to wet-processed beans cultivated at a high elevation (between 5,800 to 6,600 ft).

Just to Fruity
Posted Sep 27th 2023 by Chris

Maybe I'm just spoiled, but my first two cups of this coffee this morning, I noticed after I ground the beans to a medium 18 on my Encore and added the beans to my Moccamaster, the smell was Not what I have been used used to. It was Blueberry and fruits and that is just how the brewed coffee came out, Blueberries and other fruits. Maybe if I had a Blueberry muffin or Blueberry bagel it would pair better, For me its a little too fruity. I'll pass on this in the future.

Posted Sep 24th 2020 by Michael thompson

Great Service and Great Product freshly Roasted makes it even better when they roasted to your liking

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe