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Why The Website Refresh? | High Quality Coffee

People who have visited us and come back recently see that we've renovated our website, with a different new style and refreshed color palates, as well as additional pages and content on the specialty coffees that we serve.

We think this complements our excellent catalog of international coffees in light, medium and dark roast varieties. We offer our customers the ability to brew a cup of coffee up to any aficionado’s high standards.

Showcasing the Bean

In one of our previous blog posts, “Beans Up Close,” we talked about the visual appeal of arabica and robusta coffee beans.

That's part of what went into our website refresh, as you can see on the landing page that the beans have a very real visual appeal in and of themselves. You can almost smell these high-quality beans brewing in your own percolator or stovetop coffee machine. Or French press, or whatever you prefer. Our job is to ship you the highest quality beans from some of the best coffee producing regions of the world.

That brings us to another point on what we put into our website to help customers choose the best coffee varieties for their palates.

Coffee Around the World

Simply put, where the coffee comes from makes a difference. There are differences in soil acidity and chemical makeup, differences in local varieties, and other differences that create those unique aromas and tastes that coffee aficionados love.

“Isn't it just a cup of coffee?”

If you're asking that question, you're probably not used to buying this kind of high-quality bean for your daily mug. But if you are a true coffee fan, you will be able to distinguish between different varieties from different parts of the world, with the right taste notes on your tongue.

For instance, if you click into our Indonesia page, you'll see a detailed map of this island region and some of the blends that it produces. We feel like that's another important part of the site, useful in order to help guide customers and build their understanding of how where coffee comes from influences how it tastes.

Then you can also see on the site that we offer flavored coffees such as sweet treats for your morning brew. There is a whole genre of coffee fans who love these kinds of tastes like crème brûlée or cinnamon bun. It just makes your mouth water just thinking about it!

Check out our FAQ blog and other resources for more on the best high-quality international coffees you can buy anywhere.