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Specialty Coffees from Mugsys Coffee Co.

Here at Mugsys Coffee Co. we provide some of the most interesting specialty coffees that you're going to find on the market.

Of course, you can go right down to your local convenience store or grocery store, and get some generic dark roast. But that's not what we’re about. We curate your coffee selection to bring you the best tastes and flavors from all over the world!

Roasts and Bean Types: Top-Level Flavor Choices

One way to start narrowing down your search for the perfect coffee is to look for either arabica or robusta beans. These two bean types are essentially different and create their own flavors.

You can also look for various roasts that will determine the final flavor of your specialty coffee.

Processing the Beans

Here’s another way that we micro-manage our coffee selection to get you the best tastes available anywhere. We show you the chain of custody for your coffee, right down to the milling and drying processes that are used. For example, take a look at our Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma coffee that is grown in Tanzania along the border with Mozambique.

Here, we lay out how we partner with farmers to process these coffees and get them to international markets in a way that would not otherwise exist. By promoting fair trade and other sustainable market principles, we’re building coffee markets that work for everyone.

Flavor Notes

Then there are also those extra additions that create some of those subtle flavors that coffee connoisseurs have come to expect. For example, in the above coffee, you can taste notes of black tea, lime and peach.

Another example features some of our more extreme sweeter tastes such as our butterscotch praline coffee. How does this work? Well, of course, you can’t actually put chocolate and oatmeal and nuts and stuff into coffee, but you can create roasting and processing options that will enhance the flavor in certain ways. This is very much like the markets that exist for specialty beer and wine. Throughout the harvesting, roasting improving process, certain flavor notes develop despite the lack of these actual ingredients in the coffee blend.

Essentially, if you wanted just a really sweet, creamy coffee and didn't care about the ingredients, you could use those weird packets of powder to dress up your coffee, but that's not what our customers like to do. They want the natural aromatic flavors of the coffee to dominate, and that's why they seek us out to get our specialty choices through an easy e-commerce model. Take a look at what we have for your cup of java!