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African Coffee is brewed around the world and is in high demand due to its richness, unique flavor notes, and the skilled farmers who tend to the crop. Here are 10 highly rated African coffees you probably did not know about.

#1. Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee 

Regarded for its medium roast flavour that emits an aroma with floral notes that are accompanied by hints of citrus, pineapple, and coconut taste. We currently are offering this amazing coffee. Click here it check it out

#2. Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Grown at up to 6,300 feet above sea level and dry processed, which helps bring out the floral notes. Some of its flavors also hint at a jasmine note. We are currently out of Harrar but we are looking to offer some in the future.

#3. Kenya AA Coffee

Grown at high altitudes. The AA has complex levels of acidity, yet maintains light flavors that embody a rich taste and aroma. This is one of our best. Currently we are out of Kenya but look for it soon!

#4. Uganda’s Good African Coffee

Good African Coffee is home-grown and contains sweet, citrus flavors. We have this in a dark roast. It is amazing. Click here to check it out

#5. Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee

Coffee lovers cherish the flavors of lemon and hints of spiced clove in the Kirimiro beans. There is also a hit of sweet nuts!

#6. Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

The Sidamo is grown at heights ranging up to 6,600 feet above sea level. It is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Southern Ethiopia known for producing some amazing natural coffees. This coffee tends to showcase some nice fruit-forward characteristics with a medium body. We have it on hand. Click here

#7. Madagascar Excellence Roasted Coffee

The coffee is available in different flavors including light roast, city roast, and medium dark roast. When freshly roasted, it captures an aroma that compels coffee lovers to keep going for more.

#8. Cameroon Arabica Coffee

Grown in the outskirts of Younde and contains rich, spicy, mellow flavor that is accompanied by a pleasant aroma.

#9. Côte d’Ivoire – Ivory Coast’s Coffee Beans

The beans from Ivory Coast are regarded for being bitter and coarse, yet so flavorful.

#10. DRC’s Virunga Beans

This is known to emit a plum aroma with a crisp acidity, and ends with a rich, fruity flavor”.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

From the above, one can conclude that the best African coffee is grown within the “Bean Belt”, where countries have the perfect growing conditions for coffee plants. The High elevations, volcanic soil and temperate climates where African coffee is grown result in bright, acidic and fruit-toned coffees unique to the region and well loved by many coffee drinkers.