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Southern Pecan

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You know those cone shaped bags of delicious, sugar-glazed toasted pecans at farmer’s fairs and carnivals? If so, then I’d bet you also know how tasty this flavor would be with a full-bodied cup of coffee. Find out exactly how good it is with our Southern Pecan flavored coffee. Combining the buttery flavor of toasted pecans with our smooth, light roasted beans, the first sip will show you how warm Southern hospitality can be. Snatch up this flavor while you can!

Southern Coffee
Posted Jan 11th 2021 by Jim

I really enjoy this Southern Fresh roasted pecan coffee. Especially on a Sunday morning I try to make it outside on my perculator fired up by my firepit. Great tasting coffee. ☕️

Southern Pecan
Posted May 27th 2020 by Kathy DePriest

THIS SOUTHERN PECAN COFFEE IS AMAZING. I could never get tired of this wonderful classic flavor. Mugsy's had this order ready for me in ONE day!!

Southern Pecan Coffee
Posted May 19th 2020 by Nancy Richardson

Once again Mugsy's never disappoints! Delicious!

Southern Pecan
Posted Apr 22nd 2020 by Jim

Liven in the Southern is complete with this divine roasted Southern Pecan Mugsy’s roasted coffee. Sitting out back in the early mornings sippen until the sunrise. ☕️

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Southern Pecan