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Screaming Eagle


This is a blend that honors the the brave men and women of the US Army's 101st Air Assault Division at Fort Campbell, KY. It is a mix of a central American and South Eastern coffee bean roasted to a full city medium roast. This is one of our most popular coffees in the shop. We honor those who stand on the front lines defending freedom! God bless you!

Love Mugsys!
Posted Aug 4th 2018 by Jamie

I moved to NC and still order Mugsy coffee online. Can’t be beat! Appreciate you all keeping us at our target heart rates in such awesome ways.

Screaming Eagle...WOW!
Posted May 16th 2018 by Lisa

This is my favorite coffee...such an amazing flavor and so smooth. I look forward to this morning (or afternoon) treat! You should try it too :)

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Height 12.00
Width 6.00
Depth 4.00
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Screaming Eagle