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Papua New Guinea


The vast majority of PNG coffee is produced by small, village coffee gardens rather than large organized companies; there are tens of thousands of such village gardens typically ranging in size from 20 trees to 500 or 600. The typical village-based grower in PNG uses no artificial fertilizer, no chemical sprays, and owns his own farm. Pest and disease control is done by hand without a chemical regime. Prunings from coffee and leaf-fall from the trees which shade it, together with the skin and pulp of his freshly-processed crop provide a natural, nutrient-rich mulch. There is a family resemblance in the cup between PNG coffee and the Jamaican Blue Mountain from which seed it originated.

We've been stopping this roast just before the start of second crack. We find this roast level has significant body but the notable hickory notes are present as is the acidity. The coffee is capable of being roasted slightly darker as well, into second crack

We love this coffee as a medium roast. 

Papua New Guinea roast
Posted Jul 7th 2020 by Olivia

Really good complex flavor. A true medium roast, although a little more bitter than some mediums. I prefer a hint of bitterness, however, and its very nutty and balanced.

Flavorful, bright, fruited and smooth. Absolute Favorite!
Posted Jan 27th 2018 by Jonathan Greenlaw

Since I left the Clarksville area in 2011, Ken and the Mugsy's team have been providing me with the best coffee's from around the world and over the years all have been great! This PNG stands out about them all! It has an amazingly bright, fruit, flavor and is exceptionally smooth! PNG is the absolute favorite of myself and my wife and Mugsy's keeps us supplied all the was out in the Pacific North West!

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Papua New Guinea