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In honor of the men and women of US Army Special Operations Aviation Regiment 160th Night Stalkers who own the night. Night Stalkers Don't Quit (NSDQ). If you love a dark roasted coffee that offers a subtle tang, a heavy-syrup based body, and hints of chocolate and rich brown sugar finished with a black pepper tinge, the NSDQ Dark Roast coffee is your ticket to coffee heaven. If you are looking for a reliable cup of coffee that will drive your taste buds senseless, the NSDQ Roast will deliver and it won't disappoint you! 

Posted Aug 20th 2023 by Linda

Best and most consistent coffee ever.

Posted Jun 28th 2023 by Jessica

I have been buying this coffee for 5 years since back when I lived in Nashville. I live in CA now and still buy this coffee. It's consistent in quality and deliciousness. Other roasters can not say the same.

NSDQ blend
Posted May 10th 2023 by Josh

Great coffee. Great organization.

Posted Feb 28th 2023 by Greg G

Evidently Mugsy doesn’t quit either :) This is the perfect blend for that get up and go in the AM.

Posted Jan 24th 2023 by Anne Cahalan

We love the flavor and love how you honor the military on your packaging!

Posted Jan 13th 2023 by Rick Brookes

I love my NSDQ coffee!

Great Coffee
Posted Oct 10th 2022 by Anthony Seldat

Good Flavor hands down best coffee

Posted Sep 1st 2022 by Richard

Excellent coffee, I drink it every day.

Great beans!
Posted Aug 8th 2022 by Orion J.

These beans arrive freshly roasted. Delicious in my aeropress.

Posted Aug 4th 2022 by NSDQ

I tried it because of the name, it too has become a true favorite.

Posted Sep 7th 2021 by Anne Cahalan

Such a great flavored coffee! And we love supporting Mugsy’s!!

Posted Aug 27th 2021 by Carlita

Awesome .. we like dark and strong coffee; look no more !

Posted Mar 1st 2021 by Pam Raidel

Tastes wonderful and smells amazing!

Posted Jan 9th 2021 by Rick Brookes

Love the coffee and the fast delivery!

Posted Oct 28th 2020 by adam

Mr. Poindexter has made the best blend I’ve ever tasted. Better yet, their shipping to APO was fast and received faster than expected! Thank you, sir! NSDQ.

NSDQ coffee
Posted Oct 22nd 2020 by Carla

Awesome aroma and taste.

Posted Sep 29th 2020 by Carlita

Awesome flavor and aroma ... love it !!

Posted Mar 30th 2020 by Neil

I love the taste and aroma of the NSDQ blend.

Posted Mar 9th 2020 by Robert Yates

This is one of best coffees going...

Posted Jan 8th 2020 by Ramona Guy

bought this bkend for my husband, he loves the dark coffe ground....my hubby sure does love it and i like it occasionaly...definitely will be buying more soon...grear choice for the dark side

Posted Dec 10th 2019 by Robert Bruce Yates

Very smooth coffee, great with Breakfast...

NSDQ coffee
Posted Sep 10th 2019 by Neil

This is my favorite coffee. I’m glad Mugsys’s has a website to order coffee

Mugsey’s Roast Don’t Quit!
Posted Sep 1st 2019 by Nikolas Hawley

This bold roast helps me not quit throughout the entire day, whether it’s supporting our courageous war fighters, or doing homework! NSDQ!

Excellent brew, can't start my day without it!
Posted Jan 22nd 2019 by Rick Brookes

Keep up the good work!

NSDQ coffee
Posted Dec 11th 2018 by Richard Brookes

I love my NSDQ coffee! I can't start my day without it! Thanks!

Posted Sep 3rd 2018 by Holt Busbee

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Best Coffee Ever
Posted Jun 30th 2018 by Holt Busbee

Smooth, very rich taste. Quality in product & purchase. Extremely easy to order & quick response.

NSDQ Coffee
Posted Apr 12th 2018 by Holt Busbee

Excellent taste! Best coffee I've ever had!

Posted Jan 18th 2018 by Sam Leighotn

This coffee was simply amazing and it brought back wonderful memories of having a cup at mugsy's. I miss you all.

Awesome Coffee!
Posted Dec 20th 2017 by Greg

I used to ALWAYS get my coffee at Mugsy's when I lived there but never ordered online. Glad I did...what a great brew and way to start the day! Thanks! NSDQ

Posted Nov 18th 2017 by Dan

Excellent coffee!!!

NSDQ Coffee Beans
Posted Nov 15th 2017 by stella

Coffee is worth the money, rich taste, brews well

Best roast I've had
Posted Sep 26th 2017 by Ashley

The taste is so well rounded. It's like heaven in my cup. By far my favorite roast I've ever had and I'm pretty snobby about my coffee. Also named appropriately (L)NSDQ!

Our Favorite Coffee!
Posted Aug 3rd 2017 by Ann Allen

My husband and I brew the NSDQ blend every morning. It is our favorite Mugsy's blend. We also love to give bags of this coffee to our friends and family as gifts-yep, it's that good :)

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