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Mexico Huatasco Veracruz Dark


We roasted this selection with our bold profile to enhance its body and bring out its natural sweetness. The darker roast accentuates the sweet cherry and brown sugar notes found in these beans.


Surrounded by the mountains of Veracruz, Huatusco is a weekend destination for many residents of Mexico City and Xalapa. The same features that attract tourists (the striking mountains, moderate temperatures and flowing rivers) also make this area perfect for growing coffee.



The coffee farms around Huatusco are mostly small, family-owned operations. The typical farm in the region consists of less than 12 acres.

Great Coffee
Posted Apr 22nd 2018 by undefined

Normally we get the Colombian Organic as our go-to coffee, but we decided to try the Mexico Chiapas Organic because it was highly recommended. We are enjoying it tremendously.

Glenn Joyner
Posted Feb 14th 2018 by undefined

Glenn Joyner

Posted Aug 24th 2017 by Ellen Warren

I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and sampling all these great coffees! But this Paupa New Guinea Organic is swiftly becoming a favorite! The smooth rich flavor is outstanding!

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Mexico Huatasco Veracruz Dark
Mexico Huatasco Veracruz Dark