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Highlander Grog


Our best coffee seller in the shop. We are proud to offer you this most extraordinary of flavored coffees, Highlander Grog. Inspired by the masters of spirited beverages, our revered ancestors, the Scotch. Just a whiff of the aroma from your fresh, just-roasted Highlander Grog and you’ll be at your grinder preparing for a delicious satisfying cup. Wonderful to share with friends for special times.

The best coffee in the world
Posted Jun 8th 2023 by Kate

This is my absolute favorite coffee. I have tired other highlander grogg beans and they don't stand a chance compared to Mugsys. I am also very grateful for the time the team took to customize a note for a delivery of this coffee. They went above and beyond on the note I requested since it was a gift and it is greatly appreciated.

Our Favorite
Posted Apr 17th 2023 by Laney Lewellyn

This is our FAVORITE coffee. After we moved from Clarksville we continue to order it because it’s just too good!

Posted Mar 21st 2023 by Carl Woodward

We like these two the best!

Highlander Grog
Posted Nov 20th 2022 by Cam

My favorite coffee period - whole bean grounded smells great and once it's brewed it's even better!

Best coffee Ever!!!
Posted Nov 11th 2022 by Matt

My favorite coffee shipped fast to Fort Drum!!! Kenny and family, yall are the best, make sure they know "Tattoo" misses them!!!

Great coffee
Posted Sep 19th 2022 by Toby Powell

Highlander grog is our favorite coffee

Best coffee ever
Posted Jun 30th 2022 by Kyle

Best flavored coffee from the best shop in the US!! Even in south TX, Highlander Grog is a must in the morning!

Highlander grog
Posted Jun 6th 2022 by Jana

This is the best highlander grog I have found. I have tried several different ones and will never stray from Mugsys

Highlander Grogg for President!!
Posted Apr 18th 2022 by Jeff Slinker

Best flavored coffee on earth! Start with Mugsy’s expertly roasted beans and sprinkle in joy, happiness, and a little Highland magic. You won’t be disappointed! Vanilla, caramel, and a hint of whiskey flavor this sweet, sweet nectar of goodness.

Highlander Grog
Posted Apr 11th 2022 by Robert Cudd

I normally don't purchase flavored coffee but I make an exception for this one. Hands down the best flavored coffee on the market. I drink it daily and have turned a lot of my co-workers onto it as well. Don't change a thing about it.

Highlander Gorg
Posted Mar 18th 2022 by Mary Hampton

The most pleasant aroma when first opening in the morning and the taste is always consistently inspiring. Gonna be a good day with a cup of the Grog from Mugsy's. Love it. Love the service. Will be a customer for life no matter where I am.

Highlander grog
Posted Feb 13th 2022 by Joy Gammill

Our favorite. We’d love it so much we order it all the way from Texas

Great freshly roasted coffee and customer service
Posted Feb 12th 2022 by Boris Becker

I've been sipping on Highlander Grog for over a decade now and appreciate the online availability to have this shipped to the house now that I've moved to Franklin. Ken, Tina and the crew are always attentive when I do visit Mugsy's in Clarksville, and they do a wonderful job ensuring the shipments arrive at my house. I always feel like a person and not a number when visiting Mugsy's online and in person, so thanks for all you do for your customers! May the LORD continue to bless all the roasters, baristas and sippers out there for many years with kindness and sense of community! ☕️

Highlander Grog
Posted Dec 18th 2021 by Boris Becker

Nice aromatic roast for the room followed by the best flavorful sip that warms the soul, and the name is catchy too! I've been brewing the grog for more than a decade now and the online ordering option is efficient ☕️

Highlander Grog
Posted Dec 13th 2021 by Cameron

Big fan of this coffee as is my daughter. Smells and tastes great. Thanks Ken!

Highlander Grogg
Posted Dec 7th 2021 by Carl Woodward

This is my favorite go to coffee!

Family favorite
Posted Nov 17th 2021 by Pam

My daughter’s favorite and she recommended it to us, now a family favorite!

Highlander Grog
Posted Nov 10th 2021 by Kenneth L Woods

I love the flavor!

Favorite we drink it the most
Posted Jul 24th 2021 by Teri Woodward

This is our absolute favorite only drink Mugsys anyway and we order the most of this one

Posted Jul 12th 2021 by Charles DeLo

Was not a coffee drinker until I was introduced to this highlander grog. Just something about it hits different. Delicious. Absolutely delicious.

The Greatest
Posted Apr 13th 2021 by DW

Any day that starts with Grog is going to be a good one. I also send out bags of to friends and family...it ALWAYS gets rave reviews.

This. Right Here.
Posted Mar 16th 2021 by Patty

Wow. That’s the first word that comes to mind whenever I smell this coffee. I was given a bag of Highlander Grogg as a gift. I have since purchased two more bags of beans and shipped them to people as a gift. From the aroma to the taste of the coffee. It’s pretty darn good!

Highlander Grogg
Posted Mar 4th 2021 by Joe

We recently moved and found that we could order our beans direct all the way to Florida. Now we get our fix for highlander grogg no matter how far away. By for the best flavored coffee we get, and you can’t beat the price!

Highlander grogg
Posted Feb 25th 2021 by Jana

Have tried several other brands. Love your guys version it’s fantastic . I usually buy from a roasting company in Utah but recently got some bad coffee from them . Found you online . I must say I may not be ordering from them again. Yours is definitely better .

Highlander Grogg
Posted Jan 1st 2021 by Michelle Whitman

Best coffee ever!!! Love Mugsy’s!!!

The best flavored coffee ever
Posted Nov 7th 2020 by Nathan

I’ve never been to Fort Campbell. Someone I was stationed with brought this coffee into work several thousand miles away, and I’ve been ordering it ever since. Perhaps one day I’ll see the shop in person, but for now I’ll keep ordering Highlander Grog wherever I am in the world.

Highlander Divine
Posted Sep 21st 2020 by Mary

If the Lord were to come to my house, I would serve Him Highlander.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Jun 12th 2020 by Erica Outlaw

I absolutely love Highlander Grogg fresh roast coffee. The aroma of the coffee is splendid in the bag and when it’s brewed. I’m a dark roast coffee drinker, but this coffee is an exception to the rule, it satisfies the robustness I get from dark roast but also delivers a delicious flavor. Highlander Grogg is a favorite!

Highlander Grogg
Posted Jun 1st 2020 by Judy

My son introduced me to this coffee. I’m so glad he did! I just love it!! Thank you Mugsy’s for great coffee and wonderful service!

Spectacular as usual
Posted Dec 20th 2019 by Nancy Richardson

Mugsy's never disappoints. I have loved every bag I have bought. It puts a smile on my face every time I drink a cup. I now share it in gifts! Thank you for roasting the best coffee around!

Coffee Beans
Posted Aug 13th 2019 by Macy Mace

I don't ever leave reviews, but THIS coffee is THE BEST! I'm so glad I found it during our short time in Ft. Campbell.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Jun 4th 2019 by Carl Woodward

We love it!

Posted Apr 30th 2019 by Sarah LeBlanc

Was absolutely lovely! And the whole house smelled so rich while the coffee was brewing.

Best Flavored Coffee
Posted Dec 20th 2018 by jason begly

I have now converted my tea-drinking wife to this as well as about 7 other people at work. Yep, this stuff is magical.

Highlander Grog
Posted Jun 20th 2018 by Eli

Great flavor even after shipping. I moved from Clarksville 8 years ago and still order this.

Fresh roasted coffee delivered fast to Dallas
Posted May 23rd 2018 by Boris

Convenient ordering online and getting resupplied quick in Texas! It brews up tasty in a French Press and works well for a bulletproof blend with Ghee butter and brain octane oil :)

Highlander Grogg
Posted Apr 27th 2018 by Tom Hall

Great flavor, great coffee, great service

Best Flavored Coffee
Posted Apr 16th 2018 by Jay

I first had this last year when visiting my brother at Fort Campbell. Loved it so much that I had him bring a couple pounds to Denver when he visited and shared it with my friends at work. Now three of them order it regularly. No better way to say how good it is.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Melinated Warrior

Life couldn't be better when drinking this coffee!!!

Must Try!
Posted Feb 20th 2018 by Sandra Robinson

Every time my husband in is the area, he stops at Mugsy's to stock up on some Whole Bean Highlander Grogg for us to enjoy at home. For Valentine's Day, I ordered the ground Highlander Grogg so he could take it with him to work and on his next "work trip." We love this coffee.

Coffee Beans Highlander Grogg
Posted Nov 15th 2017 by Stella

Love the mix of flavors, the smell while brewing is great. Love the taste

Coffee Purchase
Posted Oct 25th 2017 by Lisa cannon

This is by far the best Highlander Grog coffee we have ever purchased. We have moved from TN and now have it shipped to our new home in MI. Thank you Mugsy’s for great coffee and wonderful service.

Coffee Purchase
Posted Oct 25th 2017 by MIF THERE

This is by far the best Highlander Grog coffee we have ever purchased. We have moved from TN and now have it shipped to our new home in MI. Thank you Mugsy’s for great coffee and wonderful service.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Aug 24th 2017 by Boris Becker

This has been my favorite and exclusive roast for the past eight years, so no plans to depart from this tasty blend of coffee. We drink it at the office, church and the house all year long, so thanks for roasting this fresh each week team Mugsy's!

Tasty Fresh Roast
Posted Aug 9th 2017 by Boris Becker

I've been sipping on Highlander Grog for about eight years now and enjoy this fresh roasted blend from Mugsy's each day. It brews up tasty in a French press and helps build community, so thanks for roasting this blend for Team Mugsy's!

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Highlander Grogg flavored coffee is our best seller. Experience Scotland, home of wild, rugged mountains and beautiful views, when you brew our delicious flavored coffee.