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Guatemala SHB EP Huehuetenango


Huehuetenango coffees tend to be subtle, complex and interesting, with distinctive and delicate fruit notes. Body is typically medium. Buttery, a sweet floral aroma, and a clean aftertaste are common. Chocolate, honey sweet, winy acidity, tea-like body, clean finish, delicate with hints of citrus. 86 points. Best roasted to a Dark, not burnt roast. We can roast it to a medium roast if you request it.

Great All Around Dark Roast
Posted Mar 20th 2018 by Ann Allen

We really enjoyed this dark roast. It was a nice change from our favorite NSDQ roast. It smells amazing and tastes delicious! Highly recommend!

Posted Feb 2nd 2018 by Jimy Otto

My favorite coffee here. Dark roast is better than chocolate

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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 6.00
Depth 4.00
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Guatemala SHB EP Huehuetenango