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California Gold

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A Venice Beach surreal taste experience… blends of smooth vanilla, mixed roasted nuts and tree ripened, tropical fruits. This is a totally awesome coffee, Dude!

Sweet and subtle
Posted Feb 26th 2023 by Katie Russell

This flavor has the perfect hint of sweetness to it. Not boldly flavored, yet the perfect touch of flavor to add to any part of your day. You will enjoy this is you like flavored coffee that is smooth and sweet.

California Gold
Posted Jun 9th 2022 by Tim Morgan

As a coffee drinker I have literally traveled the globe & the beautiful country of the United States of America trying coffee all along the way, in my humble opinion Mugsy's Coffee is THE best there is & he's an American Patriot, a man to look up to & a model businessman. - As the owner of a mobile coffee truck, I wouldn't serve my customers anything other than Mugsy's, they deserve the best.

California Gold
Posted Aug 24th 2021 by Rita Green

Sent to my son as a gift. They loved it.

Cal Gold
Posted Dec 20th 2020 by Robert Yates

This is a great after dinner coffee, really like it for that...

My favorite coffee
Posted Feb 19th 2018 by Dawn

I'm usually not a fan of flavored coffee, but this one is my new favorite! It's hard to describe but it feels like I'm drinking a ray of sunshine.

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California Gold