Helpful Tips to Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Helpful Tips to Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Jul 13th 2020

For many people, coffee is as essential to life as water. A crucial part of your daily routine may be getting up in the morning and brewing your favorite blend. While it is easy to argue all the health benefits offered by coffee and that it is a superfood or drink, that’s not what this information is all about.

Here you can learn how to brew a fantastic cup of coffee along with some of the most common mistakes that occur when doing this.

The Biggest Coffee Brewing Mistake

Did you know that most people use too much coffee when brewing it on their own? In fact, most people use as much as 50% more than they should. If you are making this mistake, there is a good chance you will never experience that perfect coffee cup.

Now that you know a huge mistake to avoid, you can begin to correct it with the tips here.

Use the Proper Amount of Coffee

While this is probably unique for everyone, many people think that if they want a stronger brew, they have to use more coffee. This isn’t the case. A single pot of coffee, which is about 12 cups of coffee (freshly ground beans), doesn’t need as much of the coffee as you may think. Approximately one tablespoon per every six ounces of water is plenty. This is about 50% of what popular brands typically recommend. If you want to make your brew stronger, think about changing the roast or the bean.

Find the Right Roast

Everyone has a unique preference when it comes to their coffee. If you are trying to choose between a weaker smooth flavor or a strong, bold flavor, it is all about the bean, not the amount of coffee that you put into the brew that you create. With that in mind, if you only use a tablespoon of coffee for each pot of coffee, it will be weak, but a tablespoon for a six-ounce cup of coffee will be perfect.

Find the Right Grind

The grind of the coffee that you choose is also an important factor. A coarser grind usually creates weaker coffee, while a fine grind will create bitter coffee. Espresso beans are ground to be extremely fine, and it will usually create a bitter cup. If you prefer drip coffee at home, then you will likely use a medium grind. However, for a French press, a finer grind is the preferred option.

Use Filtered Water

If you want great tasting coffee, you should only use filtered water. This is going to provide a much better taste.

When it comes to your coffee, everyone has their personal preferences. However, there are some tips and guidelines that can be used for any cup and any brew. Be sure to use the tips and information here to help ensure you get an amazing tasting cup that you will definitely look forward to each morning and throughout the day.