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Coffee Hospitality

Yesterday I watched a pro at work. A real rock star that was every bit in her element. She is one of our baristas working the cash register, but really pouring value into customers. It amazed me the response of the customers to her body language and voice tone was. Though there was a line of customers she took time to personalize every greeting and make them feel at home. They were wooed and smiled and left the shop, I thought, with a smile but more importantly satisfied.

In this age we do not see or experience customer service, hospitality, or just plain kindness to one another. Everything is fast, right now, and in a hurry. We don't have time for one another nor do we desire it. We as a culture are constantly looking at our watches worried about what is next and checking the block of the many "important" things in our lives. 

I am currently reading an excellent book called "God Cries And An Angel Loses Its Wings" https://www.amazon.com/God-Cries-Angel-Loses-Wings...

The writer who is an owner of a coffee shop stated that in his coffee shop "We've had a chance to change their (customer) lives, to enrich their being, and perhaps make some money to support ourselves and our employees at the same time. We do not care about anything but how we can bring some joy to their lives with a great cup of coffee or tea." That is a wonderful mission statement I think all businesses especially ones that project hospitality like coffee shops should have.

Mugsy's Coffee Shop is not perfect because we do not have perfect people working there, but we have a team that will do our best to give you the best we have coffee, smiles, service. 

May we be the oddballs of our culture and give every person seeking a good cup of coffee value and respect for coming through our doors.

Until we meet again :)