Organic Flores Bajawa Ngura

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This wet-hulled coffee comes to us from Flores, Indonesia. The coffee consists of Catimor, Timor Hybrids, and Typica varieties. It grows at an elevation of 1220 to 1524 meters.

Flores Island is 360 miles long, and is located between Sumbawa and Timor islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Flores (and most of Indonesia) is covered in active and non-active volcanos. These volcanos have contributed to the wonderful coffees grown there by providing volcanic soil, from both past flows and ash from the frequent eruptions, both of which provide plenty of nutrition for coffee to grow. This coffee is also shade-grown.

Rumor also has it that Komodo Dragons wander the coffee farms in Flores, killing insects and small pesky mammals along the way and therefore helping to protect the coffee trees.

For this roast we used a medium charge temperature, with 23% development and a slightly higher end temperature. The total duration of this roast was 9:30. The results were: Aromatics of sesame candy, cocoa, nut brittle, and pepper. Flavors of cacao, dried cherry, cedar with a light finish. This roast had a heavy body with little to no acidity

We love this coffee as a medium roast.