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Highlander Grogg


Our best coffee seller in the shop. We are proud to offer you this most extraordinary of flavored coffees, Highlander Grog. Inspired by the masters of spirited beverages, our revered ancestors, the Scotch. Just a whiff of the aroma from your fresh, just-roasted Highlander Grog and you’ll be at your grinder preparing for a delicious satisfying cup. Wonderful to share with friends for special times.

Spectacular as usual
Posted Dec 20th 2019 by Nancy Richardson

Mugsy's never disappoints. I have loved every bag I have bought. It puts a smile on my face every time I drink a cup. I now share it in gifts! Thank you for roasting the best coffee around!

Coffee Beans
Posted Aug 13th 2019 by Macy Mace

I don't ever leave reviews, but THIS coffee is THE BEST! I'm so glad I found it during our short time in Ft. Campbell.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Jun 4th 2019 by Carl Woodward

We love it!

Posted Apr 30th 2019 by Sarah LeBlanc

Was absolutely lovely! And the whole house smelled so rich while the coffee was brewing.

Best Flavored Coffee
Posted Dec 20th 2018 by jason begly

I have now converted my tea-drinking wife to this as well as about 7 other people at work. Yep, this stuff is magical.

Highlander Grog
Posted Jun 20th 2018 by Eli

Great flavor even after shipping. I moved from Clarksville 8 years ago and still order this.

Fresh roasted coffee delivered fast to Dallas
Posted May 23rd 2018 by Boris

Convenient ordering online and getting resupplied quick in Texas! It brews up tasty in a French Press and works well for a bulletproof blend with Ghee butter and brain octane oil :)

Highlander Grogg
Posted Apr 27th 2018 by Tom Hall

Great flavor, great coffee, great service

Best Flavored Coffee
Posted Apr 16th 2018 by Jay

I first had this last year when visiting my brother at Fort Campbell. Loved it so much that I had him bring a couple pounds to Denver when he visited and shared it with my friends at work. Now three of them order it regularly. No better way to say how good it is.

Highlander Grogg
Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Melinated Warrior

Life couldn't be better when drinking this coffee!!!

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Height 12.00
Width 6.00
Depth 4.00
Sku HG
Highlander Grogg flavored coffee is our best seller. Experience Scotland, home of wild, rugged mountains and beautiful views, when you brew our delicious flavored coffee.