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Hazelnut Cream


A charming blend of Hazelnut and Vanilla, this firm favorite is best enjoyed by french press and served with warm milk. 

Hazelnut Creme
Posted Apr 27th 2018 by Tom Hall

Great tasting, great service, great shipping and web response

Hazelnut Cream
Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Melinated Warrior

Simply Awesome!!! No acidic after taste, smooth as silk. Now I know what a squirrel feels like! All of the coffee at Mugsys is Great! Trust me I am a coffee connoisseur.

Perry's hazelnut
Posted Mar 16th 2018 by Perry


Perfect Balance
Posted Mar 14th 2018 by Jess

I bought this coffee for a coworker who loves Hazelnut. She has a hard time finding one that isn't too heavily flavored or quite the opposite at too lightly flavored. I'm happy to report that she said this was perfect. I have to agree! All of Mugsy's coffees are perfectly balanced when it comes to flavor. The flavors are neither overpowering nor are they barely there. Mugsy's has a loyal coffee drinker in me for life.

Hazelnut Cream
Posted Jul 31st 2017 by Melanated Warrior

Very delicious indeed! Would highly recommend to anyone who drink coffee!

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Hazelnut Cream