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Ethiopia Gera Wet Process Medium Roast


This coffee is not a powerhouse, but a sweet, brightclean and refined Ethiopia cup. The dry fragrance has mild fruited hints, apple and peach pastry, with hazelnuts and honey. The wet aroma has similar fruits, as well as an aroma I can only describe as "almond croissant," sweet and confectionary in character, but mild as well.

This is an amazing coffee. We offer it in a light or medium roast, but we prefer medium.


Perfect cup
Posted Oct 17th 2019 by Christina Robertson

Awesome medium roast coffee! It smells amazing and tastes just as great. It is probably the best at home coffee my husband and I have had. We have already repurchased

Ethiopia Gera Wet Process Medium Roast
Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Melinated Warrior

A sweet sensation! Very aromatic coffee as well as delicious!!!

Posted Mar 3rd 2018 by Beau LeJeune

Perfect I love the way Kenny Roasted the coffee and the Highlander is awesome too

Posted Jan 16th 2018 by Perry Scachetti

Excellent aroma. Your ground was done well to release the aroma. Loved it

Absolute Must!
Posted Jul 6th 2017 by undefined

It only took one cup of this coffee and I was hooked. This medium roast is very smooth and packed with flavor. If your are looking for a great tasting coffee, give this a try. You will not regret it.

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Ethiopia Gera Wet Process Medium Roast