About Us

Hello I am Ken Poindexter roaster and owner with my wife Tina. We bought Mugsys from a fellow veteran Ray Huot the original owner back in 2008. I just recently retired in 2016 36 years of active duty. My wife an I love serving especially to American's finest fighting force 101st ABN, 5th SFG, and 160th SOAR. This is our way of extending our living room to make friends and serving our community. 

ken-and-tina.jpgKen and Tina

But if you have time for a coffee break or maybe just need a great place to hang out? Mugsy's Coffee Company is your special home away from home. Our fresh roasted coffee is secret to the magical flavor of every bean. Truly amazing. Come by for some great coffee and food, or just snuggle up on one of our comfy seats. You will always be welcome at Mugsy's. Our friendly Baristas and patrons create a warm and friendly atmosphere.